Danielle Derek - Coffee, Tea Or Me 2017
18mn 59s 1.08 Gb AVC, 1920×1080
Danielle Derek - Coffee, Tea Or Me 2017 screenshot

Danielle Derek dresses to give men boners and this morning is no exception. She slips into a tight pair of denim cut-offs and an equally tight halter top. She looks like a SCORE version of Lil’ Abner’s stacked girlfriend Daisy Mae. Strutting over to Jimmy, her heels clacking, she comes behind him while he’s reading the newspaper, oblivious to her bodacious charms, and only grunts when she talks to him. Getting frustrated, Danielle offers to make iced coffee and tries to figure out what the problem is. It ain’t her and that’s for sure. He’s unresponsive. She calls out to Jimmy, Babe, do you want to fuck me in the ass? What? he mutters. Danielle repeats herself several times. Do you want to fuck me in the ass? Finally, she marches over to Jimmy, flings his newspaper in the air, shoves her big tits in his face and demands that he produce a hard cock.

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